About Me

If you were interested in doing so, here are just a few of the ways you might describe me:

Husband; step-dad; grandfather; brother; electrical engineer; guitar player; PLC and PC programmer; avid reader; PC game-player; general smart-ass.

If you wanted to use more mundane terms, you might say:

Male, age 52, 6', 175 lbs, blue-eyed, brown-haired, Michigan native now living in northern Indiana   

(...and "race?" you might ask, if you were one of those types who wants to categorize people that way.  Well, how about 'Human,' since that's really the only one there is.  Everything else is just variation along physical and cultural spectrums, and any divisions that might be assigned are ultimately artificial, arbitrary, and superficial.  We're all people, and I lean towards inclusion rather than setting up barriers.).

If you wanted to describe me using some of the ways I've spent my time and supported myself over the years, you could call me (at various times in my life):

Full-ride college ACT scholarship winner, college drop-out, unemployed partier, struggling semi-professional guitarist, vacuum cleaner salesman, telemarketer, retail furniture salesman, retail furniture store manager, returning college student, math and science tutor, electrical panel wirer, college graduate, machine-tool detailer and designer, PC technician, client-server database designer, PC programmer, electronic test-stand designer and programmer, community-theater guitarist, PLC programmer, control panel designer, church deacon, technical writer, praise-band guitarist, technical support specialist, MBA student, data-security coordinator, and an automation engineer. 

But for this blog, if it were me, I think I'd probably just say this to describe myself:


Want to know more?  Read my writing -- there's a little of me in every one.  ;^)