Friday, June 3, 2011

Thoughts at Large: Max

Although this is not really a personal blog, I do want to share a family update:

We have a new family member!

His name is Max.  This is him:

He's a one-year-old Lab and Border Collie mix.  He came to us through someone my stepson knows, who was moving and going through some other life changes and really had to give him up, although she hated to do so.

So far it's only been one day, but he's smart, well-adjusted, loving, and very well-behaved, and we're happy to be able to give him a good home.  We had lost our last dog, Kelsey (a Lab-Afghan mix), quite a while ago, and have been thinking about getting another dog, although Kelsey was such a great dog and an ingrained member of the family that it was not something we just wanted to rush into.

Max seems to be one of those 'just-the-right-dog' at 'just-the-right-moment' things, and so far it's working out well, although our cat has voiced her disapproval of the whole idea.  But we think that in time, she will come around.

So what does this have to do with writing?

Well, not much, other than from now on, if I decide to write any dog stories, I have a new technical adviser.


Milo James Fowler said...

Great photo, great face. How about a dog story involving telekinesis? The longer I look at Max, the more I see it as a distinct possibility...

Chris Fries said...

Thanks, Milo. Great idea, too.

And, you know, you probably wouldn't have even commented if Max hadn't been controlling your thoughts and actions...

Julia Munroe Martin said...

Max is adorable! I have a black lab who is getting old -- and as with your Kelsey, it's hard to think of any other dog. I'm so glad that Max came at the right time and is perfect for your family. He looks sweet, and I'm sure it will have lots to do with writing because dogs are part of all we do! Cheers (and dog bones) to the newest member of your family!

Chris Fries said...

Thanks, Julia!

In just a few days, he's taken up an entrenched residence in both our home and our hearts.