Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Writing Journal: 7/13/11 Update

Wow -- back from vacation, and while it was great having a week off, man, OH MAN, am I now swamped and do I really feel behind in my writing!  As far as writing, here's what I accomplished last week:
  • I did some writing on a short-story, but I didn't finish it, and so it wasn't submitted in time to meet my W1S1 goal for last week
  • I didn't get any work done on my novel WIP
  • I missed a whole week at the Creative Copy Challenge
  • I didn't do any updates or writing on my own blog here
  • I didn't post on any of the blogs or writing sites I like to frequent
Pathetic, isn't it?

And so far, this week has been crazy, and I'm slipping behind on this week, too!  Arrrgh!

So the journal update for today is that I'm back, I'm behind, and I'm busy.

I'm working to get out of just surviving the rapids to make it to a slower pace where I can catch up on everything.  Still, I'm writing -- slowly, but if nothing else, I'll get something done for this week's W1S1 goal, and then hopefully will be able to catch up and do a double-submit next week.  The week off also gave me some much-needed new inspiration on my novel that has been in a spot where I just haven't been happy with anything I wrote on it, and so now I'm eager to put some serious keyboard-time into that, too.

And while it was a week acceptance-free in terms of the work I have sitting in various publishing slush piles, it was also a week that was rejection-free, too.  So that's a plus, or at least nothing to complain about.

This week, I'm back and writing, but I may not have much of an on-line presence at the CCC or anywhere else I normally frequent, so if you're visiting here from one of those sites, let me tell you that I'm alive, and plan to make it back as soon as possible.

So that's where I am in this writerly life on Wednesday-the-13th...


Julia Munroe Martin said...

Yay! You accomplished one of the things on your list by writing this post! Glad to know you had a good week off -- we all need a break and summertime's a good time to do it! Welcome back!

Chris Fries said...

Thanks, Julia!!!

Milo James Fowler said...

Sometimes a real break is just what you need to get those creative waters flowing again -- and it sounds like this is just the case for your novel. Don't be too hard on yourself; progress in the right direction is what matters.

Chris Fries said...

Thanks, Milo! I really appreciate your positive words!