Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Flash of Inspiration!

You may have noticed a new blogfest button on the right side of my page.  Cherie Reich is sponsoring her Second Flash Fiction blogathon this year, to be held between May 21st and the 23rd.  

And there are CASH prizes! 

All that's required is to sign up HERE and then post a single piece of flash fiction (300 words or less) on your blog during those three days.  The only limitation on your story besides length is that it must start with the words "Lightning flashed." Cherie will visit and read all the entries and then announce six finalists on May 25th.  Then voting for the finalists will take place until the 28th and Cherie will announce the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, as well as a random winner selected from the list of the participants -- so even if you don't make the finalists, you can still win something.

It may seem strange that I've signed up for another blogfest so soon after the A-to-Z marathon of madness, but there are many things that I like about this:

  • I only have to make ONE post, not 26!
  • I'm actually creating a piece of writing, and not just blogging about writing.
  • Did I mention cash prizes!?!?  OK, truthfully that's not a major factor for me, but it is extremely gracious of Cherie to offer the prizes, and I salute her for taking that extra level of commitment in sponsoring her blogfest.
  • Most importantly, I really enjoy flash fiction.

I love being able to get a 'complete' story in just a few words.  I think it's awesome both as a reader and as a writer, although Flash can be a bit of a challenge for me as a writer.  I tend to be wordy by nature and typically want to ADD words, not subtract them, lol!  So it can be tough at times, but I like the constraints flash forces on me -- by limiting the word count, I have to focus on precision in creating my story.  I have to paint word pictures with delicate dabs of the brush, not splash words all over with a roller, hoping that some of them stick.  The challenge of the constraints makes it fun.

I hope you all will visit on the 21st to see what I come up with for the blogfest.  I already have the first two words written...  ;^)

In related news: On May 16th, just before Cherie's Flash Fiction Blogfest , it wil be National Flash Fiction Day in the UK.  I heard about this from the blog of Lisa Vooght ("Li").

If you don't want to take part in Cherie's blogfest, maybe you can help make Flash Fiction Day an international one, by writing, posting, or supporting Flash Fiction in some way.  Maybe try to learn more about it, or make it a point to visit some of the great sites out there that highlight it like Flash Fiction Online, Every Day Fiction, or EDF's associated Flash Fiction Chronicles.

And if you still want more, the Flash Fiction Chronicles maintains a FABULOUS LIST of markets for Flash Fiction, all of which offer the reader some excellent fiction in small and tasty morsels.

Take some time throughout May to browse, explore, and enjoy the fabulousness of Flash!


Cherie Reich said...

Thank you so much for mentioning my blogfest!

I love flash fiction, and that's so awesome the UK has a flash fiction day! We definitely need to make that an international one. :)

Tonja said...

That sounds like fun. I have my first line. :)

Nancy Thompson said...

I ll have to consider this one. I've only written 2 pieces of FF before, both for Rachael Harrie's 2nd Campaigner Challenge. I even won a prize for one. Though I'm like you & am rather long-winded, I kinda like FF. It's a challenge.

L. G. Keltner said...

I'm signed up for this one too. As a writer, I also tend to be too wordy, so I think this will be a good challenge for me.

Nicole said...

Sounds fun! I'm not a big flash fiction writer, but looking forward to reading the entries.

Charmaine Clancy said...

I've been trying to exercise the flash fiction muscles lately, I'm pretty new to it, so maybe. I don't want it to clash with my May challenge of doing a lot less :)

Chris Fries said...

@Cherie: You're more than welcome -- I'm looking forward to it! And I plan on celebrating Flash Day here in the US on the 16th, at least in some small way.

@Tonja: LOL! Excellent!

@Nancy: Well, I hope you sign up -- I always love your writing!

@L.G.: Fabulous! It'll be fun to read all the entries.

@Nicole: That's great! I hope you enjoy it.

@Charmaine: LOL! I hear you -- all through the A-to-Z I kept telling myself, "I'm not doing ANYTHING other than focusing on my WIPs in May!" And now I've gone and signed up for another blogfest. I must be completely nuts, lol! But it only takes just a wee, little commitment -- only one day, and only one piece of flash under 300 words. So I'm going for it. ;^)

Gina said...

That blogathon sounds quite tempting! I also love flash fiction for the challenge that it represents for my writerly self. It is a complicated piece that needs precision and clarity of thought, what a treat! I have to go and visit all those places you so kindly provided. Thank you for that. I can't wait to read your flaw fiction piece. Good luck!

Chris Fries said...

@Gina: You're more than wecome! And I had to laugh -- I'm pretty sure it was a typo, but it's also true: All my fiction is flawed, LOL! ;^)

Deniz Bevan said...

This sounds like a great blogfest! You're brave to participate so soon after the A-Z.

Peggy Eddleman said...

That sounds like such a great blogfest! Thanks for the heads up.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

Sounds intriguing, but I'll be in "family mode" then, and won't be spending any time on the computer. Good luck! (Not that you need it.)

Gina said...

LOL. I didn't even notice that 'flaw' on my last comment! It was a well place joke of my unconscious, I'm sure. XD

Hey, I'm here to give you one more award. I was awarded the Kreativ Blog Award and guess who was the first one of my nominees?? You so deserve it!! If you decide to accept it, come by my blog. Congrats! And keep having such a great sense of humor. ;)

Chris Fries said...

@Deniz: Thanks! Brave or fool-hearty, lol!

@Peggy: You're welcome!

@Susn: Thanks -- and I'll always take all the luck I can get. ;^) Enjoy the time with your family!

@Gina: LOL! And thank you very much! I'll gladly accept after the 23rd when Cherie's blogfest is over!

Andrea Teagan said...

Thanks for the great resources, flash fiction is so much fun.


Mary Maddox said...

I love how you take a very old story and make it new. Very well written.

Chris Fries said...

@Andrea: You're more than welcome! And I agree -- it IS fun. ;^)

@Mary: Thank you very much!