Thursday, February 9, 2012

Writing Sample: "Midnight Munchies"

I do understand that this is my fourth "Writing Sample" post in a row, but I wanted to put this up, simply because, well -- I like it, and it's my blog, and I wanna.

I do enjoy creating these 10x10 stories, and this time I even tried... (dramatic pause)... rhyming!  The "ABAB CDCD EE" rhyme scheme worked out okay, but the meter is all messed up.  It's hard enough squeezing the prompt words into the right place and holding the rhyme -- structuring the syllables to keep a smooth beat was darn near impossible.

As a reminder, the 10x10 concept is borrowed from Angel Zapata's 5x5 Fiction website, but expanded to use the ten prompt words from the Creative Copy Challenge.  These words are used in order, one per sentence, with the first prompt word the first word of the first 10-word sentence, the second prompt word the second word of the second sentence, and so forth.

The ten prompt words for TODAY were:

  1. Score
  2. Puck
  3. Goalie
  4. Winger 
  5. Referee
  6. Stick 
  7. Helmet
  8. Defense
  9. Hooking
  10. Brawl

The main thing I wanted to do, given these prompt words, was NOT write about hockey -- where would the challenge be in that?  So take a read below and see what you think.  Comments and feedback are always welcome.

Finally, I do promise that Monday will be a very different post -- it will be ORIGINS day!


"Midnight Munchies"

"Score me some fries," Maggie said outside the Burger Store.

Like Puck in 'A Mid-Summer Night's Dream', I flitted inside,

eluding a goalie -- a shaggy teen slowly mopping the floor.

I considered "The Winger," their barbequed chicken sandwich (deep fried),

but didn't need a referee to decide my final selection:

"The Bessie," coated with a stick of butter, then kissed

with mountains of cheese; a golden helmet of dairy confection.

Against this behemoth, my hunger had little defense to resist!

I paid with my card, my signature a hooking scrawl,

and forgot Maggie's fries, which led to a tearful brawl.


Dianne K. Salerni said...

Well done! Especially using all those words without a hockey game!

Chris Fries said...

Thank you very much, Dianne! I appreciate the kind words!

LTM said...

Very cool, Chris! So you had to use a bunch of hockey words in a non-hockey way? I think you did it, Puck! Loved the deep-fry!

And hey, thanks for voting for me at WRiTE CLUB today! I got slaughtered, so I'm appreciating the two votes I got! LOL!

*sigh* knew I shoulda prepped for the apocalypse... ;o)

Chris Fries said...

Thank you very much for your kind comments, Leigh. I really appreciate them.

And you're welcome about the WC vote -- I really liked your story. The other piece was very good, but just a little over-the-top. I really liked how you pulled me into a scene much more familiar and made me care about the MC and the situation. Excellent writing!