Saturday, April 7, 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge: G is for...


For my entries in the 2012 A to Z Challenge, I will be focusing on writing elements that I find important and that I want to incorporate into my work.

Today, the topic is GENRE

Among some devotes of the written word, there is a dividing line:  Literary fiction versus Genre fiction.  Depending upon which side of the fence you sit, your stereotype might be:

-- Literary Fiction is deep, moving, thoughtful, and artistic.  Genre fiction is commercial, idiotic schlock put out for mass consumption by bourgeois peasants.


-- Genre Fiction is involving, exciting, and emotionally gripping.  Literary Fiction is dry, boring, pretentious puffery read only by snooty snobs.

The less-confrontational stereotype is that Literary Fiction focuses on characters and Genre Fiction focuses on plot.

Frankly, I don't accept any of the stereotypes.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I think the best fiction is character-driven.  But I also want excitement and gripping plot twists.  So I write 'Genre' fiction -- mysteries, science-fiction, horror, and other speculative formats -- but I focus on characters.  I love the blend of both and think that when done successfully, it really makes for the most complete and compelling reading experience. 

Character AND plot.  Excitement AND art.  I want it all, damn it!

That's my chosen genre.

What about you?

Thanks for visiting -- see you the rest of this month for more alphabetical fun!

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Nicole said...

I agree - characters AND plot! But...I'm definitely a genre gal myself. :)

mooderino said...

I'm with you. One shouldn't excuse the other.

new follower,
Moody Writing

Anonymous said...

I think some literary fiction is interesting.. but the characters have to be over the top.

Genre chic.. totally.. my genre of choice being thriller/suspense to read.

I am writing a crime drama.

Just popping on by via the A-Z Host blog!


Chris Fries said...

To all: Sorry for the delay in responding -- I was gone all weekend and just now getting a chance to catch up on my blogging. I hope to re-visit ASAP each of the A-to-Zers who visited and commented on my blog!

@Nicole: Thanks! Yeah, I'm a genre person too, but I'm going put a lot of focus on my characters!

@mooderino: Thank you very much for the comment and the follow!

@thedailywoman: Thank you for the visit! Happy A-to-Zing to you!

.jessica. said...

Word - I'm a genre girl, and tend to find most literary fiction to be, um, rather plot-less. But I'm with you - I want it all! The best books are the ones where interesting characters drive along a discernible plot. Is that so much to ask?!? :)